Answered By: Kira Appel
Last Updated: Mar 31, 2017     Views: 119

Only current New School faculty members are permitted to view and borrow from the Fashion Study Collection.  The collection is currently NOT available to students, staff, Consortium faculty, and the general public.

The Parsons Fashion Study Collection is a diverse historical collection that will allow students to closely examine and research garments from a wide range of designers and time periods.  While the collection is intended to be available to all Parsons/TNS faculty and students in the future, it is currently in the process of being organized, cleaned, and cataloged.  Throughout this process, the collection can only be accessed for a limited amount of approved classroom use following the protocol and guidelines listed below.


  1. If you need to borrow items from the Fashion Study Collection, please send a request to Sara Idacavage and indicate the name and time/date of the course that you're teaching, as well as a short description of what types of objects you'd like to borrow (specific designers, time periods, fabrics, embellishments, etc.), and what is the intended purpose of their use in your classroom.
  2. After your request is approved, you may set up an appointment to visit the archive and choose the garments that you'd like to borrow.  The garments will be photographed and documented by a Study Collection employee in order to create a record of what has left the collection, who has the object, when it will be picked-up, and when it will return.
  3. Your selected objects will be placed on a garment rack with your name and course clearly indicated.  On the day of your class, you will need to pick up the objects and transport them to your classroom using a garment bag or other protective container that will be provided by the collections staff.  After the garments have been used, please return them to the Study Collection room and place them on the garment rack with the sign that reads: "Garments for Rehousing."  A collection employee will return the objects to their correct storage space and document that the objects have been returned safely.
  4. Study Collection employees are typically here Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Although a few exceptions can possibly be made, please try to make your appointments only on these two days.  If you need to pick-up or drop-off your borrowed objects on a different day, please make sure to tell a staff member and have Senior Office Assistant Ande Webster-Ahmad let you into the room with her key.  (Ande's room is located in the room to the right of the Study Collection.)


  • Please make sure that all objects are transported to your classroom using a garment bag or other protective covering provided by an employee of the Study Collection.
  • Please do not take the garments anywhere between the Study Collection and your classroom.
  • When displaying garments in a classroom, please hang the objects on a rack or display the objects flat on a table covered by a protective layer of muslin, which can be provided by an employee of the Study Collection if requested.
  • Please ensure that food and beverages are kept away from the objects at all times.
  • Please make sure that your students treat the objects with care and respect so that future students may also have the opportunity to benefit from the collection.