Answered By: Kira Appel
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  • Simple Search results contain all the words used. These may match words in a title, author names, subjects, abstract, or other fields.
  • Advanced Search pre-limits a search to specific fields, material types, and publication dates.
  • The * character can be used as a wildcard in place of one or more characters. [recycl*, organiz*, chemi*]
  • Enclosing a search in quotes " " only returns results that are an exact match.
  • Boolean Logic is supported.- Use precision search queries such as AND, OR and NOT. 'honey bee communication' – BobCat treats the entire query as a phrase and returns results containing all of the terms. 'Honey bee AND communication' treats the query as two seperate phrases. 'Programmers NOT php' retrieves all items which have the word 'programmers', but will filter/remove results containing the term 'php'.

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